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Ripple is a currency exchange network which allows real-time global payments anywhere in the world. It is a real-time gross settlement system, which is the fastest and most scalable digital asset. Its native crypto currency’s name is XPR (Ripples). Ripple was founded in 2012 and currently, it is led by Brad Garlinghouse working as the CEO. Investors in Ripple consist of big names like Standard Chartered, Seagate, SBI Group, Santander InnoVentures and many more. Ripples team is working very hard to provide the best platform for investors by bringing together leaders with decades of experience in technology, financial services, and compliance.

Ripple’s native currency XPR remains to be one of the best cryptocurrencies in the world. It has been consistently present in the top five cryptocurrencies by market capitalization for the past several years.

As of 20 Nov 2020, Ripple was at $0.25 XPR/USD.


Ripple provides real-time payments across 27 countries which works on a specific system. This reduces the total transaction cost with fewer liquidity requirements and helps meet customer demands. This provides the banks an opportunity to work globally by helping companies send on-demand payments around the world. xVia and xCurrent platforms on ripple can help obtain these services.

Ripple provides the fastest transactions in the world compared to ETH, BTC, and other traditional systems. Ripple provides a speed of 1500 transactions per second and 4 seconds to settle payments which is quite a good margin compared to BTC at 1+ hours and ETH and 2+minutes.

Ripple is built on an open source technology principles of blockchain which is globalizing fast. Ripple is used by banks to send real-time payments across the globe which means ripple connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchange and corporate via RippleNet to provide transactional services. Its company owns the source code of Ripple only which means no outsider can verify payments or transactions made on Ripple. Many banks across the globe use Ripple as a basis for their own settlement infrastructure.


In 2018 Ripple is going to be a potential investment for investors of cryptocurrency. AmEx is planning to use Ripple in the coming year. Many partners exist for Ripple but most of them yet have to integrate XPR. Once the integration occurs, the prices of XPR are going to increase. These types of fluctuations are not for people who are looking for short-term profits. The process of integration will take time but the results would be long-term.

In conclusion,

When such integrations are completed, the network of ripple would grow and adopted by people for using as a product of global payments. This would decrease the costs of international payments more and there would come a point when money would flow without any interference.



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