“Athenarella!” four ladies shouted towards our direction giggling.

They passed us seated near the school fountain during a lunch break munching sandwiches.

“Our very own School Princess,” one said.

(Whistling) A bunch of guys whistled past us and sang a “School Princess” song.

“Get over it already,” Athena shouted back…

Are you Alphonso?” I asked,” the Alphonso Devereux- the muscle- The School Body Building Champion for three consecutive years?”

I sounded like a star-struck teenager. It was an awkward encounter. Al must have wanted to meet me too since he never frequented that part of the compass.

“Yes,” he said…

“Hey, you.”

I heard a loud voice coming towards my direction. I looked at the direction where it emanated from, and then I looked around and then turned to my clan.

“Yes, you, who else,” he said.

I stayed quiet and calm. …

“Good morning,” I had a voice.

I raised my head. It was a white man standing next to a beautiful black long car that usually transported presidents.

“Morning, “I said.

I was busy washing my takkies one boring Saturday morning.

“You don’t know me,” he said, “I ‘m Sven Brooks…

· Network Watcher is an Azure service that combines tools in a central place to diagnose the health of Azure networks.

· The Network Watcher tools are divided into two categories:

  • Monitoring tools
  • Topology
  • The topology tool generates a graphical display of your Azure virtual network, its resources, its interconnections…

· Network traffic in Azure is automatically routed across Azure subnets, virtual networks, and on-premises networks.

· This routing is controlled by system routes, which are assigned by default to each subnet in a virtual network.

· With these system routes, any Azure virtual machine that is deployed to a…

· Application Gateway manages the requests that client applications can send to a web app.

· Application Gateway routes traffic to a pool of web servers based on the URL of a request.

· This is known as application layer routing

· Clients send requests to your web apps to…

· Azure Load Balancer is a service you can use to distribute traffic across multiple virtual machines.

· Use Load Balancer to scale applications and create high availability for your virtual machines and services.

· Load balancers use a hash-based distribution algorithm.

· By default, a five-tuple hash is used…

· Azure ExpressRoute lets you seamlessly extend your on-premises networks into the Microsoft cloud.

· This connection between your organization and Azure is dedicated and private.

· Establishing an ExpressRoute connection enables you to connect to Microsoft cloud services like Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

· Security is enhanced…

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