“Max,” the teacher said, “the Headmaster wants to see you pronto.”

What did I do this time?

The way he uttered pronto carried punitive connotation. Usually, the Headmaster summoned mischievous students to his Quarters for reprimands. In the case of awards, the recipients were notified during assembly in full view of everyone.

“Alright Sir, “I said, “I’ll go after class.”

I enjoyed the Mathematics class more than anything. I could not afford to lose any valuable lessons.

“It’s an emergency,” he said.

I still sat there glued.

“Now!” he said.

I then jumped from my desk as if a spring…

“Athenarella!” four ladies shouted towards our direction giggling.

They passed us seated near the school fountain during a lunch break munching sandwiches.

“Our very own School Princess,” one said.

(Whistling) A bunch of guys whistled past us and sang a “School Princess” song.

“Get over it already,” Athena shouted back at them.

“Wow, they even made up a song,” I said.

I laughed, and she became agitated.

“Princess,” three young ladies shouted.

“Don’t you dare call me that again,” she said.

She threw an apple at them.

“Whoa — she’s now a bullfighter,” they said.

Ladies ululated at her. They…

Are you Alphonso?” I asked,” the Alphonso Devereux- the muscle- The School Body Building Champion for three consecutive years?”

I sounded like a star-struck teenager. It was an awkward encounter. Al must have wanted to meet me too since he never frequented that part of the compass.

“Yes,” he said, “the one himself.”

“I heard a lot about you.”

“My friends call me Al,” he said, “you decide whether you want to be my pal or my foe.”

“I ‘m Maximillian,” I said, “please call me Max.”

“I know all about you, ladies’ man, “he said.

He patted me hard…

“Hey, you.”

I heard a loud voice coming towards my direction. I looked at the direction where it emanated from, and then I looked around and then turned to my clan.

“Yes, you, who else,” he said.

I stayed quiet and calm. He was a red-haired chubby white guy with red eyebrows.

“Kaffir,” he said.

Nobody ever called me that before. We were in the sporting fields after a rugby training session one afternoon after school.

“Wow,” some students said.

Some students went about their business while others and a couple of giggling girls positioned themselves closer to witnes first-hand…

“Good morning,” I had a voice.

I raised my head. It was a white man standing next to a beautiful black long car that usually transported presidents.

“Morning, “I said.

I was busy washing my takkies one boring Saturday morning.

“You don’t know me,” he said, “I ‘m Sven Brooks; I was your mother’s employer from a while back.”

“Oh ok,” I said.

Please say more — Umlungu here by the township, it must mean something significant

“You know, your mother was loyal to me for over fifteen years, “he said.

He seemed like someone who was keen on some…

· Network Watcher is an Azure service that combines tools in a central place to diagnose the health of Azure networks.

· The Network Watcher tools are divided into two categories:

  • Monitoring tools
  • Topology
  • The topology tool generates a graphical display of your Azure virtual network, its resources, its interconnections, and their relationships with each other.
  • Connection Monitor
  • The Connection Monitor tool provides a way to check that connections work between Azure resources.
  • Use this tool to check that two VMs can communicate if you want them to.
  • This tool also measures the latency between resources.
  • Network Performance Monitor
  • The…

· Network traffic in Azure is automatically routed across Azure subnets, virtual networks, and on-premises networks.

· This routing is controlled by system routes, which are assigned by default to each subnet in a virtual network.

· With these system routes, any Azure virtual machine that is deployed to a virtual network can communicate with all other Azure virtual machines in subnets in that network.

· You can’t create or delete system routes

· Every subnet has the following default system routes

· Within Azure, there are additional system routes.

· Azure will create these routes if the following capabilities…

· Application Gateway manages the requests that client applications can send to a web app.

· Application Gateway routes traffic to a pool of web servers based on the URL of a request.

· This is known as application layer routing

· Clients send requests to your web apps to the IP address or DNS name of the gateway.

· The gateway routes requests to a selected web server in the back-end pool, using a set of rules configured for the gateway to determine where the request should go.

· There are two primary methods of routing traffic, path-based routing…

· Azure Load Balancer is a service you can use to distribute traffic across multiple virtual machines.

· Use Load Balancer to scale applications and create high availability for your virtual machines and services.

· Load balancers use a hash-based distribution algorithm.

· By default, a five-tuple hash is used to map traffic to available servers.

· The hash is made from the following elements:

o Source IP: The IP address of the requesting client.

o Source port: The port of the requesting client.

o Destination IP: The destination IP of the request.

o Destination port: The destination port of…

· Azure ExpressRoute lets you seamlessly extend your on-premises networks into the Microsoft cloud.

· This connection between your organization and Azure is dedicated and private.

· Establishing an ExpressRoute connection enables you to connect to Microsoft cloud services like Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

· Security is enhanced, connections are more reliable, latency is minimal, and throughput is greatly increased.

· ExpressRoute provides Layer 3 (address-level) connectivity between your on-premises network and the Microsoft cloud through connectivity partners.

· These connections can be from a point-to-point, any-to-any network, or they can be virtual cross-connections through an exchange.


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