50+ Plus Life Questions?

Below is the question that keeps on coming to my head now and then. They come at different times and frequencies also on the mood of the day depending on what is happening in my life or around the world . Some come more than others; some had an impact in my life choices while other not so much . Well they might affect people around me more than myself:

You are welcome to add to the QUESTIONS

Here we go →

1. What if the life we leaving is a dream ;when we die is when we then wake up to the real beautiful painless life

2. if you were not who you are right now/who or what else would you have been ?

3. Would you rather been the opposite Gender ?

4. Do gay people act or is it genetic mutation?

5.Are we alone /Do aliens exists

6. Why do other people give up/quit will others persevere

7. Tenacity — Y so others people succeed and others don’t

8. Can we completely trust science ? What if is is based on false premise ?

9. Why do genia(genius people) enjoy life less than the average person

10. What happens when we die?

11 . That moment, one second before someone commit suicide ,what do they think about if at all ?

12. Who wrote the Bible or the Koran ?

13. Are we really what we eat ?

14. What do you think about designer babes

15. Your opinion on NFT/ bitcoins/block-chain/cryptocurrency -digital coins

16. What is your thoughts on massive technology company valuation?

17. Do witches really exists?

18. Earning more than your boss/ what your think

19. What is your view on your partner earning more then you as a MAN?

20. Love at first sight, is it a real thing

21. Doe True Love” really exists

22. RAOK — Random Act of Kindness — what is your view about them ?

23. Depression -what/ how /why ?

24. Why do some tweets go viral and some don’t

25. In the years of MOOCs are degrees‘or formal education really necessary

26. Given the chance will you home school your child ?

27. Online elections; are they hack-proof ?

28. What is metaverse - is it second life

29. Are we in the metaverse or the matrix

30. Are our lives an experiment(prototype) by someone/some force unknown/ planning to make something better in the future

31. Why is mathematics (an easy concept) diffident to other people ?

32. Racism — your thoughts — is taught or genetic mutation ?

33. Religion — is it a man-made concept to deceive certain groups of people ?

34. Is skin bleaching a form of inferiority complex

35. Why some people extrovert and introverts

36. Are more introverts intelligent or the other way round (extroverts)

37. Why do humans deem themselves more important that other animals

38. DNA — what is it exactly ?

39. Can we rid ourselves of diseases by altering our DNA

40. Who came up with the bra SIZE A, B, BB, C , D , DD, E , F, GG

41. Y is SEX a taboo topic to tackle with our kids , for most of the parents ?

42. Beauty /Looks — does it have an advantage/privelege - think KIM KARDASHIAN

43. How does it feel like to be filthy rich/something along the lines of$100 million plus

44.Death — what effect does it have on children

45. Death — is it the end or the beginning of something new ?

46. Is Technology really eating the world and jobs/ Think Robotics

47. How and Why did Dinosaurs became extinct

48. Will we ever be able to understand how the brain works given the fact that we using the brain to find the answer?

49. Will robots rise against us / what if a malicious programmer replace the module for KISS with KILL?

50. Who discovered fire

51 . How it came to be that humans ate other animals

52. Basic Income grant — should governments implement them seeing that more jobs are taken by machines

53. Will working from home kill the Commercial Real Estate

54. Dreams— are they meaningless or a connection to some portal

55. Parallel universe do they exists

56. How far does the universe go/how infinite is the universe

57. Does social media induce envy and hence depression / or it’s just a mirorr of the the already exists conditions/think INSTAGRAM

59. Is NFT a facade or will it turn the art industry upside-down



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